Managing Your Stormwater

Want clean swimming beaches?

Want shellfish safe to eat?

Want to save your city or town money?

When it rains, water entering storm drains carries trash, pet waste, and other pollutants to our ponds, rivers, and the bay.

Remember: Only Rain Down the Storm Drain!

pet waste management


Pet waste contains harmful bacteria that can pollute wetlands and the Bay.

  • Whether in your yard or on a walk always pick up after your pet and put it in the trash.

stormwater downspout

Your Stormwater

Excessive stormwater flow move pollutants and harmful sediments to the Bay.

  • Redirect stormwater to lawns and gardens.
  • Install a rain barrel to catch and reuse rainwater (and if you do, make sure your drain it before the next rain).

lawn and garden care

Lawn and Garden

Fertilizer and pesticides run off your lawn into the storm drain and then into the Bay.

  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly and read the label
  • Don't overwater and don't fertilize before it rains.

auto care for stormwater management

Auto Care

Car washing at home can release detergents and petroleum products to the Bay.

  • Use a commercial carwash or wash your car on the lawn.
  • Pour soapy water down the sink.

Our Stormwater Mailers and Flyers

We created several versions of our "only rain down the storm drain" campaign flyers and mailers. The printer's version of the mailer insert (3 copies on a sheet) is for printing two-sided mailing inserts.

Stormwater flyer with fish
One page flyer with fish graphic.

Stormwater flyer with closed beach sign
One page flyer with beach closure sign.

Stormwater flyer with stormwater drain
One page flyer with storm drain.

Stormwater mailer with fish
Printer's version with fish

Stormwater mailer with beach closure sign
Printer's version with beach closure sign

Stormwater mailer with storm drain
Printer's version with beach closure sign

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